Saturday, June 11, 2011


Starting JULY 1st I am planning to do a NO SPEND MONTH. This is going to be very hard for us but I am excited to see if we can do it.

*Set a budget for your family that is well below normal. For our family I am setting a $250.00 budget, normally it is about $700.00. This will be money for gas, groceries, ect. I realize some of you may need more than that so make a number that is realistic and attainable for your family. The point of this is to cut out all of those little things you spend money on...routine things. Skip that java in the morning. Walk to the park instead of drive. Take advantage of parks in the area. Eat food that has been sitting in your cabinet for the last 6 months. AND the real kicker is to pay off your debt or make a emergency fund with all the money you are saving.

I am excited about this and look forward to taking this journey with you!!!!


  1. You know, I'm pretty much tempted to try this with you! i've set "no spend weeks" yet we still end up eating out after a busy day. Here are my goals: stick strictly to budget. My budget per paycheck is as follows: Gas-$160, Groceries-$200, Deal money-$40, Play money: $80. That's pretty much our variable budget. If I could have most of the play money and deal money left over, I'll be one happy girl! :)

  2. You could totally do that!! It will take some dedication but we can do it. I am a little nervous myself because I will not be able to do my coupons like I do now. This may be a good thing though because they have kind of consumed my life, lol. I will be using the stuff that I have stocked up. :)