Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Inserts/Lunch

Sit down everyone. For the 1st time in months I did not wake up early, go get 4 papers for coupons, and hit up the local Walgreens for the good deals. Instead, I looked over the 1 paper that I have delivered to my home and realized that in this week's insert there really wasn't anything that I couldn't live without. There were no any grocery coupons that I needed. So my day started with an $8 savings. YAY!

Then after church I wanted so badly to go out to eat. It just seemed like it would be much easier than coming home and making food. My son Jonas, who has become accustomed to eating out, was hollaring from the back seat, "Go to the quesadilla place!" Boy, was it hard to say no. We have become compliant with just eating out because it is easier. I was so glad that we didn't because instead we came home, packed a sack lunch, and had a picnic on the trampoline. Jonas and I had some quiet time together and he just thought that it was the coolest thing ever. So YAY! again!!!

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